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Cenários & Decorações

Para dar certo é preciso:
Capricho, determinação e vontade...

sonrise national park vbs decorations - Google Search

Pictures and brief instructions for DIY waterfalls for decorating. Includes "Victoria Falls."

Sonrise National Park VBS - bear cave and waterfall decor

Paredes de castelo
What a WEEK!  Kingdom Rock WILL Rock!!!  Awesome Castle Tunnel we made!!!  Dollar Tree table cloths!!!

Casas tempo da bíblia
Lost coin house, great for any Bible house - transfer the outside of any classroom to look like a Bible times home. Decorating themes for Bible stories.

Bible times village. Some flat houses out of cardboard & a stall you can set up as a shop. Uses scene roller sky for background.

Cavernas feita de papel - lindaaaa
Cave entrance.  Used two 100ft rolls of brown paper from Home Depot and covered our entire hallway.

Create a cave out of paper

Para culto de missões...
Made from a steel frame and cheap blue tarps. Could use chicken wire, or half a pup tent. Good for a mission's conference or outer space themed VBS.

how to make a waterfall

Church Bulletin Board Ideas | Growing Kids Ministry

Under the sea walkway at Weird Animals VBS!

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