quinta-feira, 26 de março de 2015

Sugestões de decorações para Páscoa

Confesso que com esta foto abaixo me emocionei muitooo...
Foi por mim e por você!!!
simple a visual to help me remember and appreciate what Jesus did to save us from hell and give us heaven instead!!!

Palm Sunday Church Decorating Ideas | many churches hang a purple cloth on the cross to represent jesus ...

Easter Cross...

Decorating an Altar for Palm/Passion Sunday | Office/Rectory (916) 452-6866, Fax (916) 452-3879

St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church, Powell, OH, Palm Sunday decorations. This visual makes so much more impact than having palms in a bucket in the back of the church, with people taking a palm as they come in. Could we put the palms together, up front, and have kids deliver them after the Kids' Time?


easter church decorations | Church Easter Decoration - Dekoracja wielkanocna kosciola

easter set design tomb - Google Search

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